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Branding is Important And That’s Why I’m Having a Webinar

The word “brand” seems like one of those overused buzz words as everyone talks about it and uses it (often wrongly). But don’t get it twisted. Branding is important and it’s something folks who blog or run organizations or do business should be conscious of. It’s the idea, image and expectations that people have of something or another person. It’s what determines what people expect from you and how to treat you. It’s incredibly important to know what yours is and how to build it (or make it stronger).

This is why I’m having an online class (webinar) on the topic of branding. I want to help folks figure out what their brand is, and how to create a stronger (thereby more effective) one that connects with people.

Back in June, I gave the branding keynote presentation at the Blogging While Brown Conference, along with my homies and fellow tech geeks Adria Richards and Scott Hanselman. It was awesome, according to people. And for reasons. We had so much fun with it too.

After my SEO 101 webinar sold out, I asked people on my Facebook fan page for the next topic they’d like for me to cover and some said blogging but most said they’d like to take a branding class from me. I listened, so I’m announcing my “Branding: It Definitely Matters!” webinar!

Branding Webinar

Participants in this class with learn:

  • What strong branding looks like
  • How to find out what their brand currently is and how to find their voice
  • How to build their visual identity (and how color matters)

This class will show you how to be consistent, therefore helping you build a brand and establish yourself as a voice to be reckoned with.

It’s a webinar, so you can take it from anywhere! All you need is your computer and internet connection. It’s on Tuesday, December 18, from 9-10pm CST. $25. Spaces are limited. Register for the branding webinar here!

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