Famous folks

Michael Bae Jordan’s Whole Bloodline is FAHN! My Readers Thank God.

Michael B. Jordan has had my attention for awhile. First I knew him as Wallace from The Wire but Wallace don growed up and got FAHNER THAN FROG HAIR! Whew. Then he got the nerve to have some fine ass company in his family and friends. Dude posted a picture …

Love Rug 2
Throwback Thursday

The Love Rug That Strokes: Throwback Thursday

Let me tell you something. Every generation has its shame, and ours is probably going to be the fact that placing your forearm on your forehead is a dance move and we dared to name it (The Dab). That, and anything Miley Cyrus has ever done. The folks who grew …


White Lady Dons Blackface for African Tribes. Because: Awareness

The year is fresh but what’s really old is well-meaning white people who do things that make my blood pressure rise. I know, friend. You really wanted to honor us in some way but one way you could do it is by having a Black friend who has sense, so …