The 2015 Golden Globes was aight, entertainment-wise. At this point, my barometer on how entertaining a show was has been lowered considerably. On a scale of 1 to Listen to Tom Cruise talk about religion, it was at level “At least I didn’t wanna slide out my chair halfway through.” Let’s talk about it. * [...]

My 12 Thoughts on the 2014 Soul Train Awards Thumbnail

Last night was the airing of the 2014 Soul Train Awards, which taped last month. How did we know? Because pictures got out and we all saw Devante from Jodeci rocking a meatball on his head. I don’t know how I’m supposed to have peace when he’s walking around like that. But y’all know I [...]

Primetime Emmy Awards

All the award shows are starting earlier this year. Sheesh! Last year, the Primetime Emmy Awards happened on September 22. What’s all this rush for? Ennehweighs, this year’s show was hosted by Seth Meyers and he killed (in a good way). His opening monologue was actually hilarious, and that is usually the most painful part [...]


Fall TV is starting already and we still got 1 month of summer. The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, which is usually in September happened last night at the Inglewood Forum. Within 15 minutes of watching the red carpet, hosted by Sway and a slew of skinny white girls I’d never seen before, I realized [...]


The 86th Academy Awards were the best I’ve ever seen and I am so pleasantly surprised. Could this be the beginning of the end of the snoozefest tradition? Let’s hope so. I said I was only watching the Oscars to see if Lupita won and to see some of Ellen’s monologues. I was not planning [...]


Hey folks! Today is the 86th Academy Awards and I’m excited because Lupita Nyong’o might be going home with an Oscar! COME ON, SOMEBODY! In fact, I have folks alerting me of when that part comes on so I can make sure I’m tuned in. I like watching the Red Carpet because I’m shallow and [...]

grammy awards 2014

The 2014 GRAMMY Awards were so long that when they started, gas prices were $1.56. Why? WHY WAS IT SO LONG?!? This is my first question but I have many more. And check out BuzzFeed’s 34 Best Moments From This Year’s Grammys post. I got most of these GIFs from there. * Why was it [...]


My peoples! Tonight is the 56th annual GRAMMY Awards, music’s SuperBowl. I’ll be watching and live-tweeting (at @Luvvie), starting with the Red Carpet. For those not by a TV, you can watch the red carpet with me right here! I’m live-streaming it right from Awesomely Luvvie, thanks to the Associated Press. It kicks off tonight [...]