Emmy awards

Last night’s Primetime Emmy Awards taught me two things: that I really need to start watching Homeland and that TV is just REALLY white. Well, no it only taught me one thing because I already knew of TV’s white problem. But at the 2013 Emmys, it jumped off the TV screen and slapped me in [...]

About the Time Miguel Dropkicked a Fan at the Billboard Awards Thumbnail

I did not watch the Billboard Awards yesterday because I frankly couldn’t muster any dambs to give about it. I didn’t e’em realize it was coming on til I saw a tweet about it around 4pm. Still. No dambs were given. Anywho, when it wrapped, I started hearing about the performances, especially Miguel’s. During his [...]

Lupe Fiasco Grammys

The Grammys were relatively lowkey this year compared to previous ones. Because 2 out of the last 4 years, something MAJORLY tragic has happened before it. Thankfully, nothing crazy of note happened. WE TANK GAWD. Anywho, my thoughts on the show are about everything but the award giving itself. You’re all used to this by [...]

Tina Fey Amy Poehler High Five gif

I was really excited to watch the Golden Globe Awards this year because my comedy sheros Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were hosting. You cannot get a more perfect pairing than those two and I figured it’d be a good show with them at the helm. So I sat through 3 hours of the penguin [...]

Luvvie’s BET Awards 2012 Live-Tweets Party Thumbnail

My peoples!!! So today is the BET Awards 2012 and I’m ready for them! I got my snacks and my shade READY for the festivities. And you know Twitter makes every show better, so this will be everything. So, I’ll be using the hashtag #AweBET as I tweet the festivities tonight, so join me and [...]

Wiz Khalifa LMFAO Billboard Awards 2012

Last night was the Billboard Music Awards and I spent 3 hours of my GOOD life watching it and hoping it’d get better. But it mostly stayed boring. Like @__Klover said, they coulda basically kept the entire show. It was that boring. Below are some of my thoughts on the show: I’m currently pissed off [...]

Luvvie and Afrobella Red Carpet

This post is coming so late because I haven’t known how to recap the most EPIC weekend of my life thus far. This whole thing has seemed surreal since I found out I’d be going to the Academy Awards, but experiencing it felt even crazier. Half the time, I couldn’t believe I was there, so [...]