Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad 3

I gotta say that sometimes, I’m impressed by how people fail so spectacularly. Pepsi is the latest inductee into the FAIL Hall of Fame. I don’t think we’ve fully forgiven them since they set Michael Jackson’s hair on fire back in 1984. We just knew they didn’t curl allaway over. And now, they’ve taken their [...]

Goldilocks was Criming While White Thumbnail

A lot of the stories we’ve heard since we were little are really insidious once you pick them apart and realize what was actually happening. As an adult, analyzing childhood lore can piss you off when you realize that the character you were supposed to love was actually a fuckboy. Or when you realize the racial [...]


This is the 4th time I am writing about Rachel Dolezal the Undercover Sista on this site. And each time, I want to track her down and slap her in the face with a stack of paper printed with my words in 50 point font. Rachel Dolezal is the person who asks if she can be [...]

About Milo Yiannopoulos Being Trash and Lines Not to Cross Thumbnail

Let me start this off by saying that Milo Yiannopoulos is trash. You might be asking “who the hell is this Milo dude?” He is garbage in human form. He is a retch and walking, talking upchuck. In fact, here’s a portrait: Milo is a vile, racist, sexist, transphobic, DECENCYphobic dudebro who writes for Breitbart. And he [...]

Announcement! COPE Has Placed a Moratorium on BLAXIT Passes Thumbnail

It’s been a month since the world began its’ quick crumble, with the election of Squirrelwig McRacistPants as the next President of the United States. We were all stunned, because WTF HOW THE FUCK WHO THE FUCK. Even though Hillary Clinton secured almost 3 million more votes than Cheeto Satan, the fact that she lost [...]

I’m Not Playing Nice with Donald Trump Thumbnail

A week ago, the United States of America reminded the world that is has a lot of stupid people in it. And a lot of people who would put their race over their genders because they’ve internalized patriarchy. And a lot of people who are raging racists. And a lot of people would totally put [...]

About the Heartbreak of America’s Choice Thumbnail

I forced myself to go to sleep around 1am. I wanted to keep hope, even for 5 more hours. I can usually find bright spots in situations. There are none for me here. I feel doomed. I wanted to wake up this morning celebrating the first woman president. Instead, I wake up with strong confirmation [...]