Things That Take Me Longer Than Betty Shelby’s Time in Custody Thumbnail

Betty Shelby is the officer who murdered Terence Crutcher. The “big scary Black man” was having car trouble as police showed up. He was unarmed, and not making sudden moves. He complied with police but Darth Becky (word to Very Smart Brothas) ass Betty, in all her damsel in distress, unglory felt that her life [...]

Another Day, Another Hashtag. White People, You Gotta Get to Work NOW Thumbnail

Terence Crutcher was a father, husband, son, uncle, pastor. Terence Crutcher was shot and killed by officer Betty Shelby, even though he was unarmed. What started as his car breaking down led to his body in the morgue. Keith Lamont Scott was a father, husband, son, uncle. Keith Lamont Scott was shot and killed by [...]

About Colin Kaepernick’s Stance and the Chafed Compatriots Thumbnail

Colin Kaepernick is the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, and he is in the middle of a public hailstorm right now. He decided to sit down as the national anthem played before a game, and he has been caught up in the rapture of hate ever since. When asked why he did it, Colin [...]

Jollof rice

Two years ago, I had a party to celebrate my blog’s Golden birthday. I had a food bar and a dessert bar with cupcakes and banana pudding. And I had 2 trays of jollof rice, cooked by my Mom, the Jollof Slayer. My party started at 7pm. At 7:45pm, I saw an empty tray of jollof [...]

My Melanin-Deficient Readers Respond to Negotiate Terms of #BLAXIT Thumbnail

Yesterday, I published a post on what Black folks will take with us if we decided to make our exit (BLAXIT) from the United States. It was jumped off by Ulysses Burley III at The Salt Collective and basically, we are taking EVERYTHING awesome. Because we created/invented/brought them. My white readers realized that they will be [...]

#BLAXIT: More Things We’re Taking With Us If We Leave Thumbnail

This country is ungrateful as hell. You know good and damb well Black folks built this thing with our blood and sweat, literally. Now you wanna treat us like Starks at the Red Wedding and we do not appreciate it. If we decided to peace out and make our Black Exit (BLAXIT) like Brexit, they’d [...]

On ROOTS Reimagined and Retelling This Classic Story Thumbnail

When I first heard that they wanted to remake ROOTS, I legit was like “Bhet why?” The mini-series from 1977, based on Alex Haley‘s book of the same name is one of those classics that everyone knows about even if they haven’t seen. Why touch it? Why do we need to see a new version [...]