sammy-sosa vampire

Dear Sammy Sosa, You Look Like A Vampire

I’m sure by now, you’ve seen a picture of the new and (not so) improved Sammy Sosa. It has more than earned this week’s sternly-worded letter. Dear Sammy Sosa, What in the name of all that is good, holy and sanctified are you doing? Who died and had you replicated …


Chris Brown’s FAIL

Ok so I don’t usually blog on Thursdays, but I had to today because of the Chris Brown/Larry King interview. Not because it was interesting. In fact, it was quite the opposite. I could have spent that hour watching grass grow, or an English comedy. However, it was entertaining because …

Prince coif

Prince is Pretty But I Don’t Find Him Sexy

“You know you got power, when everyone comes to your concert wearing purple sweaters.” – My friend, V.E.G. So I was watching TVOne yesterday, and “Purple Rain” came on. I’ve never watched it before, but I know it’s a classic because people still make references to it. While watching, I …


Dear Solange, I Love the New Haircut!

Solange’s new haircut has been all the hype to the point where it was #3 Trending Topic on Twitter. Folks talked about her hair more than they discussed the Iran Elections & Obama’s new healthcare plan. Sad? Definitely. Entertaining? Absolutely. So my letter is to Beyonce’s shadow Solange. Dear Solange, …

Alpha Omega

Clinton’s a Sigma, Jesus is an Alpha (and Omega)

Folks take their Black Greek affiliations serious! Folks rock their letters before rocking that Family Reunion shirt (yes I know it’s flimsy and lime green and has that stubborn ketchup stain on it. But you get my point). If stuck between fighting for their blood brother and their frat brother, …


The Michael Jackson Tribute Gave Me LIFE

Hey y’all. I said I wasn’t going to blog this week since I’m on vacation but I was moved to write after watching the Michael Jackson Memorial Tribute. You know I spoil y’all 😉 But since I AM on vacay, it won’t be in my usual long recap mode so …

Michael Jackson tribute

A Letter to Michael: Moonwalking on the Clouds

My kids WILL know that “Billie Jean” was not your lover while “Jam”ming. We won’t “Stop Till We Get Enough”. Michael, you made “HIStory” and that is undeniable. Now that you’ve “Eased on Down the Road” to meet Him, I “Cry” because you’re “Gone Too Soon”. We thought “Heaven can wait” but it apparently couldn’t. Your music “Heal(ed) the World” and for that, you “Rock my World”. I “Never Can Say Goodbye” but I do I hope you’re resting in peace.

Al B Sure Unibrow

The Time I Met Al B. Sure’s Unibrow

Thursday, April 30th was the national initiative, Dining Out for Life, which has restaurants around the country donating a percent of their proceeds to AIDSCare. Karyn & I decided to do a Red Pump Project Dinner in honor of the day, and we had 10 people come to eat with …

kanye west crew

Dear Kanye West, Are You Ok?

Y’all already know my fondness of letters, and just as I poured my heart out in thanks of the Hat’s Aretha (it is no longer Aretha’s Hat. The hat is now so awesome, that it is considered the owner of Aretha, instead of the other way around), I’m writing a …

Aretha Franklin Hat

A Love Letter to Mama Retha’s Inauguration Hat

Because Aretha Franklin’s Inauguration hat was everything. Aretha: Mmhmm! You can’t tell me SH*T. I know you see me! Don’t hate. Appreciate. Dearest Ms. Franklin’s Hat, You came, you sang (on top of Re-Re’s head), and you conquered (the hearts of a WHOLE nation. Hell, a world). You somehow came …