Whose Idea Were These Terrible Birkenstock Boots? Thumbnail

First came the most expensive frock on the Oregon Trail. Then came the uglass skants (skirt pants). And now I’m convinced that fashion designers are just trolling us on purpose to entertain themselves, because look at this mess. What in the tacky ass caucasery hell is this?!? Birkenstock has gone TOO FAR. As if those sandals [...]

Whose Uglass Skants (Skirt Pants) Are These? Thumbnail

There’s so much WTF going on in the fashion industry these days, it’s hard to keep up. A few months ago, LuvvNation roasted this Oregon Trail frock that was as expensive as it was ugly. But that dress doesn’t seem so bad in comparison to…whatever this is. I don’t understand these pants. AND they have the nerve [...]

Stella McCartney Ankara

Another day, another case of cultural appropriation. This time, fashion designer Stella McCartney is getting heat for using ankara prints in her latest collection. An article from OkayAfrica breaks it down: The brand infused ankara designs into their new collection to create dresses, jumpsuits and tops, that look a lot like what our favorite aunties wear casually [...]

Whose Expensive Ass Oregon Trail Frock is This? Thumbnail

When it comes to fashion, people stay doing the most with the absolute least. I stumbled across a photo of this dress being sold online and I have questions. There is such a thing as “too much fashion.” This is on the other end of the spectrum: not enough. It’s called the “Sequoia Dress Weathercloth” [...]

Rompers for Men: I’m Here For Thigh Meats Season! Thumbnail

The talk about rompers for men has taken over social media. It started when some Chicago folks launched a Kickstarter for something called the RompHim, which is basically mid-thigh rompers for men. It’s just in time to kick off the summer. Well, that Kickstarter has raised over $219,000 in 4 days as men flock to [...]

Diddy Met Gala

The Met Gala is the annual meeting of people who Anna Wintour can still stand. It is an assemblage of the most ferocious people in music, media, movies and more. It is a place that we all act like we wouldn’t like to be invited but we’re lying and we too wanna put on costumes outside [...]

Edith Childs SOTU

The 2016 State of the Union Address (and last of the Obama Administration) was full of entertainment. Y’all know I watch some of these shows to be the lady on the stoop roasting everyone. This is why people miss me sometimes when I don’t live-tweet shows and events. You’re basically missing Miss Benita. ANTYWAY, in [...]