Step Away From the Jersey Onesies, Everyone Thumbnail

Two days ago, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj dropped a video on TIDAL. “Feeling Myself” took everyone by surprise and tried really hard to get folks to subscribe to TIDAL, even though 2 hours later it was already all over the web. Unless Jesus is gonna release the remix to the Ten Commandments on there, I’m STILL [...]

Baby hair righteous

I never thought I could find baby hair so extreme and righteous that it’d trump Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas’ decades-long affair with forehead coiffure calligraphy. Who knew that someone could come through and swiftly out-babyhair the Royal Queen of Baby Hair? And it was done by a melanin-deficient brethren who ripped the runaway of some fashion [...]


There are many of us who are chill-deficient and I think it’s time for us to claim what we are: members of Team NO CHILL! My blog readers (aka LuvvNation) are especially executive board members of this club so I thought it was only right that I allow us to all represent our clique with [...]


My peoples! I’m back with my latest tshirt because sometimes you just need to let folks know that they should HAVE a SEAT! Now you can do it with your chest with the “No. Have a Seat \___” Tshirt on teespring. These navy blue shirts come in a fitted tshirt for women and a regular fit [...]

Should you wear overalls or jumpsuit

Sometimes, we let fashion really inconvenience our lives. I get why, too. Because we see cute things that we wanna rock and we put them on and deal with the fact that our day probably just got a bit more difficult. Overalls are those things. Overalls are great for the inner carpenter in all of [...]

Peter Griffin CFDA Awards

One person went to the CFDA Awards and slayed EVERYBODY there. They are an American icon and we salute them for their influence in pop culture. Yes, I’m talmbout Peter Griffin. This #ALPHET (outfit) is daring, it’s edgy and it’s bold. It tells us all that Peter is comfortable with his body and he wants [...]