My peoples! If you weren’t on social media from Friday night to Saturday morning, you missed something. I decided to offer UNABLE TO CAN tshirts through Teespring on Friday night and I announced it on the Awesomely Luvvie Facebook fan page, on Twitter and on my Instagram. Teespring allows you to do “campaigns” where you [...]

Crochet shorts

Sometimes I be minding my own business when I come across reasons to facepalm. Just look at the picture below and shake your head with me. Or maybe some of you wanna getchu a piece. I don’t know your life. A pair of ombre crochet hot shorts for (what appears to be) a man. I [...]


I’ve been a fan of PUMA shoes for years because they stand out and aren’t ordinary gym shoes (STAND UP, CHICAGO). I’ve had multiple pairs of their kicks, and I might even still own 1 or 2 in the back of my closet. When Solange Knowles was announced as their Creative Director, I was intrigued to [...]

USOlympics Ugly Sweater

As if the upcoming 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics weren’t already steeped in ugliness from Russia’s terrible anti-gay laws. AS IF. All that madness wasn’t enough. The U.S. Olympics team is adding to the ugly with their uniforms, designed by the Silver Fox, Ralph Lauren. WUT?!? I mean what in the name of all that is [...]

Tacky 70s onesie

It’s a new year but I want to look back at old times. Mainly because their fashions were so laughable. Although I’m pretty sure that 20 years in the future, the favor will be returned as our kids roast us for our ALPHETS. Years ago, I stumbled upon this gem on a website called Rad Dudes, [...]

Peggy Noland Oprah Dresses

I came across a link on The Cut about artist Peggy Noland’s newest project, “Oprah: Skinny, Naked, and Screaming on Your Dress.” THE HELL, BRO?!? So I’m here to write Peggy a sternly-worded letter because my spirit is IRKED! Look at the dress and see why I’m pissed: Dear Peggy Noland, You disrespectful bitch! I [...]


Lady Gaga was honored at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards a couple of days ago. Remember when we were all fist pumping because of her make under that had her looking semi-normal and not like Halloween on speed allatahm? Well that seems done. Gaga stepped out the house looking like this: *SCREAMS AND [...]