Tragic toes

Sometimes, you gotta know that certain shoes are not for you. OR to size up if you’re hellbent on rocking them. There’s pics of Julianne Moore and Anna Wintour being out here bogus and wearing shoes that their toes are crying to be released from. But the worst I’ve seen is in the pic below [...]

American apparel period power

Sometimes, making a fashion statement can go beyond edgy into “too damb much” category. American Apparel is now selling a t-shirt printed with a drawing of a masturbating vagina that’s menstruating that they call “Period Power” because ART! For $32, you too can support the work of a collective of women who do art. While [...]

Gabourey-Sidibe Harper’s Bazaar

I’m glad that people are giving half of a damb about Black women in TV and movies now. We’re showing up on more mainstream covers (well Kerry Washington is), and maybe Hollywood is finally realizing how much we rock (psht). But one thing I don’t like is lazy inclusion. Harper’s Bazaar’s September issue includes a [...]

Jumper Onesies

Aahhh the 70s. That decade’s fashion was as unisex as they come. Men wore cropped tops and still had women falling at their feet. In fact, Prince has made his career out of getting women to drop trou while looking like a relic from a decade where fashion was a free-for-all. I was checking out [...]

8 Reasons Why I’d Be the Worst Fashion or Beauty Blogger Ever Thumbnail

If this blogging game were high school, fashion and beauty bloggers would be the jocks. They’re the cool kids who people flock to, and they’re totally hot. They get a lot of perks and people just can’t help but stare at them because they make anything look good. I don’t know what humor bloggers would [...]

Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Wardrobe is Awkward Thumbnail

When it was announced that Kim Kardashian was pregnant by her not-husband, Kanye West, I just knew she already had her outfits selected for the next 9 months. She was gon be baby baking chic. I assumed. Not sure why, because her style right now ain’t much to love. Well, pre-Kanye, she was all bandage [...]

Skin Tone Leggings

Leggings are comfortable. I get it. I like them too. But ever since the leggings as pants trend started like 4 or 5 or 6 years ago, people have been abusing it left and right. There are folks who rock it with cropped shirts, showing off all camel toe. And I be wondering if they [...]