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Can We Talk About Lucky Magazine’s Kerry Washington Cover?

You may or may not know that Kerry Washington is on the cover of the latest issue of Lucky Magazine. The lady is on a roll like butter! However, Lucky Mag managed to accomplish something that is INCREDIBLY difficult, and that is to make Kerry look anything besides flawless. Anywho, …

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Phenomenal Binder, That’s Me: A Poem

When I try to explain to people that I’m not the most ratchet of my friends, they always give me the side-eye. But for realsies. I have some type of foolery magnet and it brings fellow senseless people into my life and I love it. My girl Kellee (@KHough09), decided …

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Everyone Has a Teenie In Their Family

Remember back in December, when I had my eBoothang, the Cephus to my Reesie, Cloud10LV, come through to grace my eCrib with stories of his Crunk Grandmama? Wells, he’s back. We were having a conversation on gchat, and we somehow got in the subject of how every family has a …

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The 25 Dumbest Tweets of 2010

Twitter: A place for people to share their thoughts. A place for celebrities and public figures to connect with their fans and supporters. An English major’s nightmare. I want to forget these tweets. So with a heavy heart and deep sigh, I present to you: The Top 25 Dumbest Tweets of the Year.

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Luvvie’s Christmas Sweatah Brings All The Haters To The Yard

Luvvie’s note: It is an annual tradition for me to put my avatar in a *coughs* festive sweater. However, folks be hating on it SUPER hard. I think they’re just jellis of my sweater steeze! Haters, I say!!! Anywho, the supreme hater this time was my eSis, Naturally Alise. Here …

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My Grandmother’s The Crunkest

Luvvie’s note: So I was on GChat with LV aka @Cloud10LV aka the Cephus to my Reesie aka A gahtdamb mess when he barged in with one of his random ass ways of saying hello (i.e. “Slides into the back pew like the folks that come in church late. *whispers* …

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Field Center FAIL or Am I Just Tainted?

I got me a guest blogger today. He’s doper than the rest and runs the music blog This Ain’t That. This post is stemming from us being on GChat and I showed him a logo that got such side-eye from me! He refuted my arguments, so I told him to take …