Social media keeps showing us that some of our favorite celebrities should really make use of their publicists 24/7 for all things. Also, they need to hire community managers to handle their accounts because when left to their own devices, they blow shit up so properly and so quickly. Madonna is the latest victim of [...]

Peggy Noland Oprah Dresses

I came across a link on The Cut about artist Peggy Noland’s newest project, “Oprah: Skinny, Naked, and Screaming on Your Dress.” THE HELL, BRO?!? So I’m here to write Peggy a sternly-worded letter because my spirit is IRKED! Look at the dress and see why I’m pissed: Dear Peggy Noland, You disrespectful bitch! I [...]

Lee Thompson Young

E! News is reporting that Lee Thompson Young’s suicide may have been result of his involvement with “Yoruba religion.” I’m reporting that they’re idiots. It’s pretty ballsy to insinuate this and it’s the biggest crock of bullshit. Methinks it demonizes Yoruba people as advocates for suicide. It’s irresponsible, full of bigotry and plays into the “Africans are barbaric” trope.


The other night, Vibe Magazine’s Twitter account turned was turned over to radio personality, Angela Yee, for an hour for a “Twitter After Dark” chat. And I’m here to tell them to sit down for this decision. Because it was terrible, in my opinion. So here’s a sternly worded letter for the Vibe Magazine team. [...]

Dear Rick Ross, About Your Slipping Molly Lyrics… No. Thumbnail

Rick Ross, the rapper with moobs has earned this sternly-worded letter for being a disrespectful misogynistic jackass through his music. Dear Rick Ross, You came out with a song with the following lyrics: “Put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it. I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even [...]

Dear New York Knicks, Reconsider the Tyrese Takeover Thumbnail

I woke up to folks’ tweets about Tyrese taking over the New York Knicks’ Twitter handle later today during their game. I am here to ask the Knicks to think twice. Because. For reasons. I hope this makes it to their management before it’s too late. Do your part. Share it. Kthx. Dear New York [...]

more guns NRA

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has been tripping for a good while and they’ve been hitting their dougie all over the collective nerves of people with sense. They’ve more than earned this sternly-worded letter. Dear NRA, I’m beginning to believe that you have to be a dizzy dingbat to be an executive. Like there’s a [...]

Caroline Wozniacki

I tell ya. People are getting too big for their britches nowadays and they clearly need to be snatched back into their lanes. This latest sternly-worded letter was earned by Caroline Wozniacki, tennis player and consummate loser. Dear Caroline Wozniacki, Girl, you REALLY tried it. You tried it so hard that your failure is embarrassing. [...]