This is America Donald Glover 4

In times of great crisis, we create great art. Donald Glover’s video for his latest single This is America is great art. It’s not because it’s trying to be overly subtle to where only art connoisseurs can defuse the meaning. It’s that it trusts us to pick up what it’s dropping, so it drops a [...]

I Got Questions about the 2017 GRAMMYs: Recap Thumbnail

Yesterday was the biggest night in music: the GRAMMY Awards. The one thing we can count on is a rollercoaster of thrills and disappointments. And many performances that make me take the time to go to the kitchen to re-up on snacks. It was hosted by James Corden of car karaoke fame. Anywho, I have [...]

A Comprehensive Guide to Going to a Lauryn Hill Concert Thumbnail

I was gonna have this post be one word: “DON’T.” But I’m trying to change my peak petty ways in 2017. LMAOOO. No, I’m not. Lemme not even tell that lie. Look, I love(d) Lauryn Hill and all her gifts but she is perpetually flagrant and people still hold out hope that the concert they happened [...]

I Have Questions About the 2016 VMAs: My Recap Thumbnail

For those of you who were born after 1998, get off my lawn you might not know that MTV actually stands for Music Television. And these things called VMAs stand for Video Music Awards. You are welcome for that drop of knowledge. Please leave now because I can’t believe that you were born after Lauryn [...]

Beyoncé’s LEMONADE is Sweet Tea Thumbnail

This is a far cry from “Crazy in Love” Bonnie and Clyde Beyoncé. Hell, it’s a ways away from the FLAWLESS Beyoncé. She had a growth spurt. You know when your kid goes to summer camp in June and when they return in August, you barely recognize them? Yes. Bey. And LEMONADE is proof of [...]

Brandy, Fantasia and Jazmine Sullivan Just Made Melanin March Blacker Thumbnail

When good news drops nowadays, we gotta hold on to it like the last piece of perfectly fried, golden brown, chicken. We gotta hold on to its ankles like the spider monkey of life. And today? We got some GREAT news. Fantasia aka Tasia Mae aka She Who Will Squall took to Instagram to tell [...]