TLC is my favorite girls group ever. Ok I might be lying because I’m indecisive, but they’re EASILY in my top 3. What 80s kid didn’t love them? Name them, shame them and delete them from your Facebook friends list this moment! TLC was about girl power, sass, expressing yourself as you damn well please [...]


Today is the 8th anniversary of Luther Vandross passing, and chile… he is STILL missed. That man’s vocal chords were clearly coated with Heaven’s ambrosia and dusted with angel St. Michael’s wings because it was amazing. Luther Vandross took old songs and when he sang them, folks forgot the originals. It was HIS. And I [...]

Should Folks Lighten Up About India Arie’s Cocoa Butter? Thumbnail

I’m a fan of India Arie’s music and her songs are all in my iPod. I own her first 3 CDs and I couldn’t tell you a favorite song if you begged me. SO MANY! But y’all know I love overly sappy and uplifting music. I’m a jerk with a heart like that. Yes, she sings [...]

Lupe Fiasco Grammys

The Grammys were relatively lowkey this year compared to previous ones. Because 2 out of the last 4 years, something MAJORLY tragic has happened before it. Thankfully, nothing crazy of note happened. WE TANK GAWD. Anywho, my thoughts on the show are about everything but the award giving itself. You’re all used to this by [...]

Celine Dion All the Way

I’m halfway through my LuvPrah 10,000 Facebook fans giveaway, and I’m having A BLAST with this! I hope you all are too. Everyday since last Wednesday, I’ve been giving out prizes on my fan page and to win, people have to answer a question. And then I pick at random out of the people who [...]


I haven’t been in the holiday spirit but I think that changed tonight. When someone sent me a link saying it was DMX singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, I asked them to take it back. I thought it’d be terrible and I wanted no parts of it. And then I decided to give peace a [...]

Rihanna unapologetic cd

Rihanna went as weed for Halloween and I thought that was per her usual “Doing the Most” that we’ve come to expect, tolerate but not love from her. She’s hellbent on letting us know that she’s a rebel. She will grab our faces, wear the t-shirt, color her hair aubergine and tattoo it on herself [...]