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Darth Becky Episode 5 Rants and Randomness

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, you know there is A LOT to rant about this week. On this episode of Rants and Randomness, I cover how Black women are out here saving the world, per usual, and White women are out here hustling backwards as a habit. Y’all [...]

Luvvie RandR4

On this week’s episode, I have some things to get off my chest, y’all! Let’s get into it. For the good, I share one of my favorite books, Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It follows the story of a Nigerian woman who moves to the U.S. and starts a blog about race. Sounds familiar, amirite? [...]

Rants and Randomeness Rectangle

My people! So as you might know, I have a weekly Facebook show that I started a couple of weeks ago called Rants and Randomness. I get on Facebook Live and give book recommendations, spotlight a creative I love, and then rants about all things pop culture and shenanigans. This week was episode 3, and I [...]

Rants and Randomeness Rectangle

Beautiful people! Guess what? I started a Facebook show as part of their Watch vertical, called Rants and Randomness. Once a week, I’ll be getting on Facebook Live to cover all things pop culture and relevant to our lives (including randomness). As the Side-Eye Sorceress, I’m uniquely positioned for this. There will be judgment, but lovingly. [...]

I’m Speaking at the Chicago Theater for the Together Tour! Thumbnail

Hey boos hey! It’s been a super busy fall for me as I’ve been on the incredible Together Tour! What’s that? It’s a tour that was co-founded by agent extraordinaire Jennifer Rudolph Walsh and best-selling author Glennon Doyle to bring women in a room for a night of radical transparency and inspiration through the power of storytelling. [...]

Announcing: New Edition of My Book, I’m Judging You! Thumbnail

My people! This time last year, I was getting ready for the publish date of my book I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual. I was prepping to kick off my press and book signing tour on September 13. Since then, my book has won hella awards, and I’ve signed thousands of them across the country. [...]

Join Me on the Together Tour This Fall! Thumbnail

Back in May, I posted a photo on my Instagram account of me scheming and dreaming with Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach. They are bad-asses and I was hyped to be working on something amazing with the now married duo! Well, I’m finally excited to announce that this fall, I’m going on the Together Live Tour with some true [...]


My peoples! Just here to quickly let y’all know I’m on work break until last week of July so I can recharge and work against the brain drain I feel from working too much in the last few months. What this means is: No blog posts or writing of pieces No book signings No speaking [...]