Dear White House Sinkhole, You Good? Thumbnail

Last week, we learned there is a sinkhole forming on the lawn of the White House. I’m just here to inquire about its wellbeing. Dear Sinkhole, Hey big head. So sorry I didn’t come and visit but I’m allergic to places where fascism gets written into law. But listen, now that you’re here, I’m just [...]

Alabama Election Demographics

Yesterday was the much-anticipated (and dreaded) race for Alabama’s newest senator. One candidate was the run-of-the-mill Democrat. Nothing radical or life-altering about him. Doug Jones is the status quo in human form. And the other was a pedophile who stood boldly in his racist, confederacy values. Roy Moore would have slaves TODAY if allowed. Those [...]

ThumbsUp Trumpledick and Disaster Barbie to the Hurricane Harvey Rescue! Thumbnail

With Hurricane Harvey wreaking havoc in Texas, the people of Houston and Beaumont have been in our thoughts and prayers. Even during such a serious time, Cheeto Satan and company couldn’t help but embarrass themselves and act the complete OPPOSITE of how a president and first lady should behave. On their way to Texas yesterday, [...]

Steve Bannon’s Face is the Physical Embodiment of Soul Rot Thumbnail

Lemme start by saying HELL YES I will body and face shame every single member of the Cheeto Satan inner circle without guilt. None of them know how to act (remember Kellyanne Conway putting her feet on the couch). They go low and I go gutter. Anywho, one of the closest minions is Steve Bannon, [...]

Scaramucci Got Fired from The White House, Which is Now a Temp Agency Thumbnail

It’s like the real-life Celebrity Apprentice in Washington, DC right now and it is just a clusterfuck over there. The Cheeto Satan White House got more turnover than a waffle maker. The latest casualty in Mango Mussolini’s administration is Anthony Scaramucci, who only lasted 10 DAYS before he got the ax. I’ve played Monopoly games that [...]

melania trump

Lemme tell you something. I haven’t started the new season of House of Cards yet because I honestly feel like we’re living in it. Double dose of it might be TEW MUCH. This Trump administration is like Primetime Fuckshit. On the bad part, everything is crumbling and the world is burning. On the good side, [...]

NATO G7 Leaders

In how many countries and at how many occasions can the Fanta Fascist thoroughly embarrass himself and therefore us American citizens? Because, so far this week we have at least 4. The NATO G7 Summit began yesterday and the idiot with our nuclear codes showed up and showed out in the worst ways from start [...]

The Pope Meeting The Trumps is All Of Us Thumbnail

This international tour that Cantaloupe Caillou is on will not stop providing moments of memes. It will not stop reminding us that we (well, yall. I know who I voted for) have elected Sunburned Stalin to represent us all on the global stage and it is the biggest mistake ever in life. Today’s latest is [...]