About the Heartbreak of America’s Choice Thumbnail

I forced myself to go to sleep around 1am. I wanted to keep hope, even for 5 more hours. I can usually find bright spots in situations. There are none for me here. I feel doomed. I wanted to wake up this morning celebrating the first woman president. Instead, I wake up with strong confirmation [...]

About the Election from Hell and Why I Voted for Hillary Clinton Thumbnail

I voted 2 weeks ago, when early voting started in Chicago. I was in and out in 30 minutes, and I cast my vote for Hillary Clinton to be President, with Tim Kaine as her Vice-President. One thing down, so many more to go. I am exhausted, because this election season was conducted by Satan. [...]

I Survived the First Presidential Debates (Barely) with Clinton vs. Trump Thumbnail

Last night was the first presidential debate that put Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump behind podiums and let them hash it out on various issues. As the presidential nominees for their respective parties, it was their job to state their platforms and bring their plans to the table. As the Miss Benita of pop culture and politics, [...]

Uncle Bernie’s Hair was LAID at the DNC Thumbnail

Y’all know good and damb well that Bernie Sanders be leaving the house looking like he just got out from inside a dryer’s spin cycle. Hair be everywhichway and suit all wrinkled. He was on the campaign trail looking like you did after a particularly TURNT recess period. But last night at the Democratic National [...]

Malik Obama Donald Trump

Everything is weird and the world is ridiculous. Malik Obama, President Barack Obama’s estranged half-brother who lives in Kenya is in the news for his endorsement in this election. Speaking from Kogelo, your uncle has let the world know that even though he is a longtime Democrat, he will be voting for the Walking Cheeto [...]

The Devil is a Walking Cheeto Running for President Thumbnail

The Devil doesn’t wear Prada. He wears a self-branded suit that’s made in China as he rails against immigrants and threatens to build a Wall as if anyone who isn’t American is a White Walker. The Long Night is here. Note: I’m sorry but there are just too many Game of Thrones parallels in this [...]

Bernie Sanders Hair

Listen. Folks keep talking about issues and stances and policy, ignoring the real important thing about this whole election. When are we going to have a real conversation about Bernie Sanders’ struggle hair? When are we going to get down to the nitty gritty and get to the heart of the matter of why that man [...]