I Want Red Velvet Oreos to Be Real So Bad AND THEY ARE!

Yall know I love all things red velvet. Red velvet cupcakes, cheesecake, cookies, waffles, pancakes, hot chocolate… I am the  bubba Gumb of red velvet. This is why in the past 48 hours, so many people have sent me this picture. Everyone has sent me this SAME picture and I …


Hello Kitty is Not a Cat and Sanrio Has Ruined Childhood

We all just got news that the cultural icon (it is one, whether you wanna admit it or not) and object of desire by overgrown hipsters everywhere Hello Kitty is in fact NOT a cat. I repeat. Hello Kitty is NOT A FELINE! According to Hello Kitty scholar (because in …


Why Does Kale Taste Like Dreams Deferred?

One day I looked up and everyone had become the Bubba Gump of Kale, talmbout kale salad, kale soup, kale smoothies, kale sammiches, kale nail polish (yes really. It’s called NailKale. Everyone go home. You’re drunk!). It was all kale everything and I was like whappened? Why it happen? I …

sex-spreadsheet 2

A Sex-Deficient Husband and the Salty Spreadsheet He Shouldn’t Have Sent

A woman took to Reddit to show folks that her husband sent her an email to her work address with a spreadsheet detailing how many times they’ve had sex when he initiated in the past 6 weeks. He also included the excuses she gave him when she said “NO” which …

Potato Salad KickStarter

3 Lessons From the Potato Salad Kickstarter Campaign That’s Raised Over $22,000

There’s a KickStarter campaign for potato salad and it’s made over $22,000. A guy posted a campaign on Kickstarter about how he wants to make potato salad and he set the goal to $10. Well, he’s now raised $22,500 (as of 3pm CST on July 7, 2014) with 25 days left. 1,750 people …


Because Sometimes, Parents Name Their Kids Weirdly

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about how parents sometimes name their kids foolishly. 640 comments later, it is still one of my favorite posts ever, as folks shared stories of the strangest names they’ve come across. I took a stroll down memory lane last night on …

Diane Stretton

The Fired Nanny Who Won’t Leave: The Real Life Consuela from Family Guy

You hire an older woman to help you watch your kids in exchange for her living in your house. Two weeks after she’s living with you, she disappears for hours in her room, leaving your kids unattended and you frustrated. Just in case you didn’t make yourself clear enough, you …

Fix It Jesus gif

Because You Need 75 New Ways To Say “Fix It, Jesus”

Phaedra Parks of Real Housewives of Atlanta blessed us all with her concern during one of the RHOA reunion shows. Kenya Moore the Terrible and Porsha Williams the Simple were arguing when Anointed Attorney Parks shook her head and said “Fix It, Jesus,” winning the show and giving us a …


About #FelonBae and the Butthurt Brigade

By now, you’ve probably seen a picture of Jeremy Meeks aka FelonBae in your Facebook newsfeeds or Twitter timeline. He has taken the internet by storm, with his crooked but FAHN ass. Jeremy and his fellow thugs were arrested yesterday and the police department in Stockton posted their mugshots on …

Mae Mae Fune

Mae Mae and Her Festive Fune Have Slayed Me

The importance of wills cannot be underestimated. We need to let the folks we leave behind know what we want to happen when we follow the drinking gourd to our Lord. Folks gotta know what we want to do with our assets and how to send us off. The clearer …