Social Media

I’m “I Had a Xanga Blog” Social Media Years Old Thumbnail

Sometimes it’s fun to reminisce about the good ol’ days of social media and being online. You know? Before we realized the people who created it are basically Voldemort, planning world domination with our data. Young folks today don’t even know how much things have changed in such a short amount of time. I joined [...]

Snapchat is Weird and This Bob Marley Filter is Daft Thumbnail

Sometimes, I feel all old and cantankerous, because even as a digital strategist, I’ve resisted Snapchat for a while. I signed on early on and never really liked it. It was like Google Wave (remember that?) for me. You get on Snapchat and post video or pics of moments in your day, and they disappear [...]

Kanye Gotta Take His Ball and Go Home Thumbnail

The talk of this week has been Kanye West’s clapback on Wiz Khalifa, which he stupidly pulled Amber Rose (and her child) in by saying he got trapped by a stripper. I’m traveling this week so I haven’t had time to write a proper thing but I’ve been tweeting about it so below is my [...]

Waiting at the door 2 gif

There’s so much turmoil and chaos happening right now in the world. It’s been on DIS TEW MUCH levels for weeks, and the release of the LaQuan McDonald execution video took it over the edge. What Twitter does very well in times like this is serve as a distraction. This is why the #ThanksgivingClapback hashtag [...]

#NigeriansAtHogwarts Hashtag Is Brilliance and Hilarity You Need Thumbnail

I don die. Seriously. I logged on to Twitter and was told to check out the #NigeriansAtHogwarts hashtag. I have spent the last hour in TEARS laughing at the shenanigans. I am a PROUD Potterhead and super fan of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series and I am unashamed of my dorkiness in making references to [...]