Throwback Thursday

Ice T Perm

I really do love Throwback Thursday. It’s my favorite. I found a picture of Ice-T and it made me weep with nostalgia (and because of his hair). I NEED you all to get into Tracy Lauren Marrow’s (yes that’s his real name) ultra perm and GET YOUR ENTIRE LIFE! He looks like his name is [...]

aol 1000 hours free

Sit down, kids. I’d like to tell you a story. It’s of a time way back when, before we could fit a phone, camera, music player, video player and recorded into a machine the size of a hershey’s candy bar. Picture it, people’s houses, 1998… This was an ancient time when internet connection wasn’t wifi-enabled [...]

Tacky 70s onesie

It’s a new year but I want to look back at old times. Mainly because their fashions were so laughable. Although I’m pretty sure that 20 years in the future, the favor will be returned as our kids roast us for our ALPHETS. Years ago, I stumbled upon this gem on a website called Rad Dudes, [...]

Jumper Onesies

Aahhh the 70s. That decade’s fashion was as unisex as they come. Men wore cropped tops and still had women falling at their feet. In fact, Prince has made his career out of getting women to drop trou while looking like a relic from a decade where fashion was a free-for-all. I was checking out [...]