CalPak broken

I’ve been on about 10 trips this fall (since September 1) and I usually carry my trusty red 20-inch California Pak carry-on. These last 2 weeks have been especially nomad-y and I’ve gone to NYC twice and then ended up in San Antonio. I’m TAHD and I guess my luggage is too because it quit [...]


Hey folks! I’m really excited to be going to DC for the next couple of days for the ONE Campaign’s AYA Summit, co-hosted by Google. I’m part of 75 women and girls who are being brought together from the U.S. and elsewhere for a 2-day summit that focuses on issues facing women and girls in [...]

Holy Hill Johannesburg

After 2 days in Cape Town (read my post on 5 Awesome Places to Visit in Cape Town), I took a 2-hour flight and landed in Johannesburg ready to speak at Social Media Week Jozi and excited for almost 4 days of adventures. I truly didn’t realize I would have as good of a time [...]

Luvvie Fall 2014 Travel

Although we technically still have 3 weeks before we bid summer adieu, Labor Day has come and go so schedule-wise, we’re already in Fall. I am always sad to see my favorite season of the year go but these next 3 months should be exciting for me. I gotta tell you what I’m up to [...]

Luvvie in Mexico

I just came back from a 3-day vacation to Puerto Morelos in Cancun, Mexico. I went for my friend’s wedding and it turned out to be the funnest vacation I’ve ever been on. Plus, it came at the exact right time with all the terrible-ness happening in the world (especially in Ferguson). I was so [...]


I’m back from Nigeria, folks! I spoke at Social Media Week Lagos and as always, I had a blast. Those 6 days went by so damb quick that my memories got whiplash. Time flies when you’re doing hoodrat things with your friends in another country. Anywho, I’m here to share 5 things I recommend that [...]