New York Concrete Jungle Wet Dream Tomato

Hehehehe, that will never stop being funny to me. Every since I saw this pic on Tumblr a coupla months back, it’s ruined my ability to sing the actual lyrics to that song. And I keep picturing Christina Aguilera singing it while doing one of her excessive runs. It gives me quite the gigglefits. Anywho… [...]

Canada Flag

My peoples! By the time you read this, I’ll be on my way to OR have arrived in Toronto, Canada. Heyyyyy!!! I’m there with my homeskillet Afrobella, as she does fancy stuff, which you can read more about HERE. It’s my first time in T-Dot, and Canada in general, so I’m excited. I wonder if [...]

Back From Nigeria Thumbnail

WHATTUP, folks! I’m back from my trip to Nigeria. I was gone for a week and a half, and it was my first trip back in 17 years. It was to bury my Grandmother. While I was there, I journaled my days. I wrote over 60 pages. I took many pics and videos. The trip [...]

I’m LA-Bound. Blogging While Brown, Here I Come! Thumbnail

I’m headed to the City of Angels today, y’all! First time ever! I’m going for the Blogging While Brown Conference, which I’ve attended three years in a row, and spoke at last year. I’ll be back with recaps and whatnots when I get back to Chicago. But I shall be tweeting while there. And I [...]

Sunset on Gulf of Mexico

What it be like, folks? So I made it out of SnowtoriousBIG on Thursday, with only one hour delay to my flight. SHOURROUT to the greatest city EVER! Can’t nobody sit up here and tell me Chicago isn’t the 2 days after 2 feet of snow and 60 mph winds, the airports were up [...]

These Suitcase Decals Are TSA’s Worst Nightmare Thumbnail

I was loitering at my quiet corner of the interwebs a coupla months ago (Tumblr) when I came across these: What are these, you might ask? They’re suitcase decals that you can buy and stick on your luggage to travel with. You take these huge stickers, place them on your luggage and go to the [...]

I’m in Miami for Blogalicious Thumbnail

What’s popping folks? I’m in Miami for the Blogalicious Conference. Blogalicious is a conference to celebrate diversity in women who blog. I’m speaking here on a panel called “New Bloggers Guide” with Kris Cain of Little Tech Girl. Sidenote: I redesigned their website too. This is my first time in Miami, and I’m LOVING it [...]

BlogHer Conference 2010

Hey folks! By the time you read this, I’ll be in NYC for the BlogHer Conference. SO EXCITED for it! Looking forward to it all. Reconnecting with old friends, meeting new friends. Painting New York City houndstooth and argyle. I’ll be gone for about 5 days. I’m not sure if I’m going to be updating [...]

Blogging While Brown 2010 Speakers

I had A BLAST in Washington DC this past weekend. The Blogging While Brown Conference was super super awesome for so many reasons. So take off your coat and stay a while. There’s much to gist you with. The Conference began on Friday with a game night but Afrobella and I missed all those festivities [...]


I got a tale to tell about my how Amtrak failed us! I had to travel to DC this past weekend to speak at the Blogging While Brown Conference. What had happened was: Me and my homette Patrice (aka Afrobella) decided to travel to Washington DC from Chicago on Amtrak. Our logic was that we’ve [...]