Say Red: Cocktails and Conversations (DC)

As you read this, I’ll be on the Amtrak train on my way to the Blogging While Brown Conference, where I’m speaking on a panel. Afrobella and I decided to take a train because neither one of us has ever taken one long distance. Armed with backpacks full of snacks, pillows, blankets and a flip [...]

Blogalicious 2009 Was Great! Thumbnail

What it does, folks? So I’s back from Atlanta from Blogalicious (conference for Women of Color bloggers) and it was FANTAWESOME! I was mainly there to rep The Red Pump Project because my goal is to get 500 bloggers “Rocking the Red Pump” on their blogs to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and women. But AweLuv got [...]

I’m in Atlanta for the weekend at Blogalicious 2009. I’ll be the one wearing either Red Pumps or some form of the color Red. I’m also the one that looks JUST like that avatar up top. You can’t miss me. Sidenote: In a HUGE success on my part, I managed to pack everything into a [...]

I’m BACK (and better than ever) Thumbnail

…AND browner than ever. The heat in Vegas and Houston were on some Kentucky Fry-a-b*tch stuff. Whew. You know it’s too hot when you walk outside and the sun pimp slaps you and you just want to cuss. But they do say the Blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice. In that case, I’m on [...]

I been gone for a minute now I’m back (but no jumpoff). Was I missed? Thanks to all my Guest Bloggers for holding down the fort. May your emails be sans Spam. Amen. The conference I went to was THAT BIZNESS (literally & figuratively)! I thought I was a geek, but nope, I was proved [...]

Lessons from a Road Trip to DC Thumbnail

In the past year, I’ve gone on 6 trips, 3 of them roadtrips. 1 to Cedar Pointe Ohio (5 hours), 1 across the country to Atlanta, then Florida (22 hours) and this is the 3rd, to DC (14 hours). I can almost consider myself an expert by now. I have definitely got a couple of [...]

Hey folks! I’m roadtripping to DC right now because, well, my Prez has melanin and swagger. I will be slightly missing next week as I gallivant around DC with my ePosse, PBG and NaturallyAlise. Any other bloggers gonna be in DC? Would love to meet ya. Crank that meetup. Happy hour is always good. Anyway, [...]


I hope my New York City readers don’t hate me after reading this… So as you know, I spent this past weekend in New York City. I visited every borough but Queens. Stayed in the Bronx, and did everything else in Manhattan, Harlem and Brooklyn. This was not the first time I’ve visited (I went [...]