This Black Bear is the Real MVP for the Kayak Payback Thumbnail

Some videos bless you by making you howl like someone stepped on your foot. The one of this pissed off black bear who let a kayak feel its wrath has been cracking me up for about 5 good days. So this lady went on some long distance kayaking trip in Alaska and outside of her [...]

First Gen Show is Singing My Life With Its Snark Thumbnail

We’re the experts of our experiences and the best storytellers of the lives we live. When we see our stories not being reflected, we should tell them. I was born and bred in Nigeria but I’ve been here since I was young. Being a first generation Nigerian-American is interesting because no matter how American you might [...]

Top TV Theme Songs

I miss the times when TV show theme songs were big. Back when the opening credits was about laying the groundwork, giving you some context or just telling you the background story. We spent the first 1.5 minutes of each show just jamming, singing along and getting ready for our favorite characters. TV show jingle [...]

Because Sometimes You’re a Caterpillar: Dope Video Alert Thumbnail

You all know how I feel about animations and illustrations and whatnot. I have been using a cartoon avatar on these interwebs for over 9 years, because I really do think they’re adorable, but also great ways to kind of make people pay attention even when they don’t realize they are. My awesome friend Franchesca [...]


Two men were going back and forth on C-SPAN about politics and whatnots when they got a call from the general line where people phone in to drop their 2 cents about whatever is happening. The two happened to be brothers and when they heard the voice on the other end, they knew they were [...]

He is Delivert. He Don’t Like Mens No More. He Likes A Women Thumbnail

You’ve probably seen the video by now but in case you haven’t, then you need to. A man went to the COGIC 107th Holy Convocation and announced that he was there to get delivered. From what? From #TheGeigh. Watch the vid. Get your life. *DEAD* “I’m not GAY NO MORE. I AM DELIVERT. I DON’T [...]

key peele gay wedding advice

Key and Peele are geniuses. I love them so much because they’re fearless in their humor but still incredibly smart and thoughtful. You gotta see their sketch on the crazy names of football players. They’re truly everything that makes comedy important. I saw a sketch from them is about a family who is about to experience its [...]

Mom Interrupts Video

When we’re good and grown, it’s best if we let our parents in on when we want to use their stuff for commercial purposes or embarrassment might happen. Watch the video below and cackle with me. *DEAD* He was really getting into the emotions of whatever song and he was giving vulnerable realness when the [...]