Eating Sloth

Some of us don’t know how to chill enough. Our relaxing game is lacking and we need to get it all the way together! This sloth lacks any dambs to give. It’s all kicked back and grabbing carrots like a BAWSE even though it can’t be bothered to move its head! And then they tried [...]

Felicia Odell

There are times I come across silver and gold on these internets and tonight is one of those times. I have been introduced to Felicia O’Dell (aka Auntie Fee) and her resourceful cooking. My life has been changed and I am made better for it. Felicia O’Dell (I like that I can call her Sister [...]

Permed Eyelashes

YouTube has allowed any and everyone to establish themselves as authorities in the beauty space. Get a webcam, get some paints and upload a video showing someone how to look better. TADA! There’s a lady (Lily Seymour) on YouTube who posted a video of her perming her eyelashes to get them to be straight because [...]

Drunk In Love Bridal Party

In my Facebook newsfeeds for the past coupla days has been a video of a bridal party and their dance routine at a wedding reception. It’s 5 women who actually hired a choreographer and put together this whole thing and I watched it. And you should too. GIRRRRRLLLLL!!! I’d cuss out every member of my [...]


A couple of months ago, I came across this video and the commentary made me laugh SO HARD. I watched it about 7 times in a row and cackled just as much as I did the first time. Since then, it’s been shared on Facebook over 2,000 times. The person behind it is Darell J. [...]