Whose is this?

Whose Idea Were These Terrible Birkenstock Boots? Thumbnail

First came the most expensive frock on the Oregon Trail. Then came the uglass skants (skirt pants). And now I’m convinced that fashion designers are just trolling us on purpose to entertain themselves, because look at this mess. What in the tacky ass caucasery hell is this?!? Birkenstock has gone TOO FAR. As if those sandals [...]

Whose Cool Ass Shady Cat is This? Thumbnail

Everyone knows that cats are the patron saints of petty in the animal kingdom, so when I saw this photo from Imgur I had to share it on my Awesomely Luvvie Facebook page: Basically, this cat is cool AF. And sick of everyone’s shit. In the midst of Cheeto administration awfulness, this shady cat gave [...]

Whose Ghost is This? Oh It’s Sammy Sosa Thumbnail

You know what is an everlasting bastard? When people fall from grace spectacularly. Y’all. A picture was circulating last week and I had to make sure it wasn’t photoshop. It was of baseball great, Sammy Sosa, standing on the streets of London and it scared the bejeez out of me. Just look at this: BLOOD [...]

Whose Uglass Skants (Skirt Pants) Are These? Thumbnail

There’s so much WTF going on in the fashion industry these days, it’s hard to keep up. A few months ago, LuvvNation roasted this Oregon Trail frock that was as expensive as it was ugly. But that dress doesn’t seem so bad in comparison to…whatever this is. I don’t understand these pants. AND they have the nerve [...]

Whose Expensive Ass Oregon Trail Frock is This? Thumbnail

When it comes to fashion, people stay doing the most with the absolute least. I stumbled across a photo of this dress being sold online and I have questions. There is such a thing as “too much fashion.” This is on the other end of the spectrum: not enough. It’s called the “Sequoia Dress Weathercloth” [...]

Whose Sneaker Heel Mules Are These? Thumbnail

In case you ever dreamed of owning sneaker heel mules that don’t make any sense, there are now some Pumas that will make your dream come true. I present to you, the most confusing shoes I’ve seen in at least a year. #WhyItHappenFathaGawd #BurnEmBoaz #EndThemEmmanuel. Anywho, I posted them on my Awesomely Luvvie facebook page and my [...]

Whose Monopoly Man Come to Life is This? Oh. Roger Stone Jr. Thumbnail

Below is Roger Stone Jr., an advisor to Tang Tyrant and his troop of trifling twatwaffles that he considers an administration. Come to find out, he ain’t shit. As in, he’s a sexist and racist walking cartoon villain. And I’m pretty sure this man owns slaves. Not owned but OWNS. As in, today. There’s probably a plantation [...]

Whose Petty Royalty Aunties Are These, Arguing Til They Passed Out? Thumbnail

According to the South China Morning Post, “Two women in Northwest China fainted from exhaustion after quarreling with each other for eight hours without eating or drinking, according to local media reports.” And there was picture evidence of it. And I laughed so hard that I almost choked on spit. Look at this: Look at [...]

Whose Blasphemous Kool-Aid Chicken Wings Are These? Thumbnail

There are times when I just KNOW that the devil is busier than a toddler when they first learn how to walk and they’re discover the real purpose of feet. I was minding everyone’s business and scrolling through Facebook when I stumbled upon the pic below, posted by NoWayGirl. I did that thing where you’re scrolling [...]