Whose is this?

Bocs Bald Locs 2

I promise that people step out the house talmbout how casket sharp they are and they walk out with this homie’s hairstyle. I DIE. This is like a mullet of different species. It’s as if the mullet said “I need to upgrade for the 2014” and this is what it evolved into. It’s business in [...]

Regrets Tattoo

People are idiots far too often. The person whose tattoo is below is a dummy. Not because they cannot spell, but because they didn’t think to double-check the spelling of their tattoo KNOWING they’re correct spelling-deficient. “NO REGERTS.” Oh ok, sir. Between the tattoo artist who put this ink on his skin and the fool [...]

Love Pocket Couch

Sometimes, furniture can be really interesting, and I’m not just talmbout the IKEA bookcase named Billy (we all had it at one point, didn’t we? Until we moved for the first time and it crumbled into jagged little pieces when you tried to pick it up. I guess we shouldn’t expect too much from something [...]

what face gif

Fox6 News did a story on how social media is being used to catch deadbeat dads who owe child support money. The full story is on YouTube but the best part of it was the part where they interviewed one of the men. They asked this one dude why he doesn’t pay his child support [...]

Ink beard

The internet is the den of iniquity. Why? Because I find things like this: My dude. MY. DUDE. What is that??? Is that an inked on beard? How does one go to the barbershop and ask for a beard that looks like someone glued black construction paper on your face? Your goal is life should [...]

Sword toenails

People can be utterly ridiculous sometimes. I came across this picture and I just had to say “Why?” and blame it on human nature. Because seriously. It makes no sense. These are weapons of mass destruction and haters of shoes. The wonderful people of my Awesomely Luvvie Facebook page family had some words. And I [...]

Crochet shorts

Sometimes I be minding my own business when I come across reasons to facepalm. Just look at the picture below and shake your head with me. Or maybe some of you wanna getchu a piece. I don’t know your life. A pair of ombre crochet hot shorts for (what appears to be) a man. I [...]


Sometimes, you gotta stand up and claim your kin even in the face of foolery. Like Coolio, who refuses to let go of his struggle braids, despite the fact that his head looks like the red sea parted. Last year, I stumbled upon the gift below. Someone’s uncle was walking around with a unibraid on [...]