Whose is this?

Church Scoot gif

My girl Britni Danielle shared this on her Facebook and she captioned it with “Wait. Was he listening to ‘You Make Me Wanna’ while he caught the spirit of Usher?” And I howled to the blue corned moon like a wolf. I cannot. Watch and see the foolery (give the video like 5 secs to [...]

Reverend Threat

It is that time of the year again: when people use Martin Luther King Jr.’s image inappropriately for club flyers. MLK ain’t march to be the image of “Freaky Fridays” at the local disco. STAHP IT EVERYONE! I already wrote about this last year but more flyers have emerged for this year’s foolish celebrations, so [...]

burnt turkey

I’m thankful for so much. A transformative year with showers of blessings, awesome friends and family and living and working with passion. I am also thankful for the Cookingforbae for showing me your struggle plates as well as my crappy T-mobile service for delaying the mass “Happy Thanksgiving” texts from phone numbers I don’t recognize. [...]

Tragic toes

Sometimes, you gotta know that certain shoes are not for you. OR to size up if you’re hellbent on rocking them. There’s pics of Julianne Moore and Anna Wintour being out here bogus and wearing shoes that their toes are crying to be released from. But the worst I’ve seen is in the pic below [...]

Whose Wise Baby is This? (And Foolery From My Readers) Thumbnail

I think babies are cute by default because they’re so little and small things lean towards cute. And some babies are born cute AND looking like they’ve been here before. You’ve seen those mini humans. They just look like they hold a wisdom of the years and these are the kids you gotta give strong [...]

Mullet man

The mullet is the hairstyle that will never quit. No matter how much we ridicule it. It’s come in different variations over the years too. With a front that has a bob or fingerwaves or braids. THE MULLET WON’T DIE AND I WONDER WHY! HA! That rhymed. But getchu a piece of this fella from [...]

Eye Hair

Sometimes, you’re bored with having normal hair and you want something different. I get it. Wraps aren’t exciting anymore. And you want to stand out of the crowd. Well, sometimes, you need to have a seat and figure out other ways to stand out besides scaring the bejeesus outta folks with your hairdo. I’m talmbout [...]

Skinniest Jeans

I love skinny jeans and jeggings just as much as the next person; when they fit well, they leave your yansh SITTING! For women, when skinny jeans don’t fit or are too tight, we end up looking like toothpaste tubes being squozed out (yes, squozed). I’ma throw jeggings in this equation too. Too tight pants [...]

Whose Unicorn Tupac Tattoo is This? Thumbnail

Sometimes, people wanna get inked up and they cannot decide what to get. So they figure why not get five tattoos in one? That had to be what the person with the tat below did. O_________________________________________________o So… unicorn Tupac is busting out of this person’s arm, serving “you see me” realness and attitude, as pixie [...]