Whose is this?

Whose Dumb Idea Is This? Kohl’s Failed! Thumbnail

Ladies and gentlefools. You know when I post back to back in a day, I mean business. Well I had to post about this as it came across my gchat. Afrobella sent me this link and I went AWF!!! Like cussing tourette’s. A “Ghetto Fab Wig?” You have GOT to be kidding me! I just [...]

Whose Foot Is This? Thumbnail

I was minding my own business on Facebook when I came across something on Chris Alexander’s Facebook page (the fool behind ColoredBoy.net). Listen. Everyone can’t have cute feet. This is why God created closed-toed shoes and boots. What in all that is good an reasonable told this woman that it was okay to stuff her [...]

Pole baby

So I was checking out Fail Blog when I saw the picture below. But umm… Whose ridiculous ass mama is this? At first, I went “Why is she trying to plug that baby’s toes into the socket? Isn’t that dangerous???” Then I went “Wait. Wait. She’s teaching the baby how to pole dance!” Then I [...]

Whose Baby Is This? Thumbnail

Ya know. I LOVE babies. Them so cute. Just by default since they’re so little. But sometimes, babies look less cuddly and more… how can I say this? Ah yes… unfortunate. I don’t like to use the word “ugly” because its ugly. I prefer less harsh descriptors. Like cutely challenged. Or facially unpleasant. However, the [...]

Lil Wayne avatar

This has been my Twitter background for the past week. Many people have quit me because of it. But I ask… Oh… it’s Lil Wayne. With a slight blue tint. I wonder who he commissioned to make this self-portrait. *squints eyes* (-__-) *throws shade* *walks away whistling* *inserts obligatory “Free Weezy” here*

Whose Aunty is This With the Windshield Wiper Brows? Thumbnail

I was on MissJia.com when I saw this picture below. And I was forced to save it and make it my Twitter background. I think at least once an hour, someone tweets me talmbout “WHAT IS THAT?!?” I don’t even… I just… *facepalm* WHAT (not who) is this? Where do I start? I’ma make a [...]

The Pimp Who Murked Me

I introduce you to Allen E. Brown aka APimpNamedSlickFront aka The Pimp Who Murked Me. He is actually a pimp in New Jersey who was running a prostitution ring, and ended up being sentenced to 18 years in jail. I took ONE look at this picture and had roast tourette’s. Let’s make a list of ALL the things that are wrong with this picture. I’d probably save time if I listed everything that was right = NOT A DAMB THING!

Whose Cousin is This with the Jolly Rancher Barrettes? Thumbnail

Whose ratchet ol’ cousin is this?!? I saw this picture and wanted to go kick every trashcan in a 5-mile radius. There’s sooo much tomfoolery in this picture that I don’t even know where to start. Fine, I guess we’ll work our way down from the top. First he has colored contacts. Then braids. With Jolly Rancher beads. iCan’t.