Here are some questions you may have that I’ve pre-answered because I’m Ms. Cleo psychic and what not (or not). If your question isn’t here, feel free to email me at

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use that cartoon? Does it look like you?

I’ll put it like this. My best friend refuses to visit my blog because she’s so freaked out by how much my avatar looks like me. Yes, I look identical to that cartoon. In fact, I’ve been pointed out in real life by people who’ve never seen my real picture. What can I say? I have very exaggerated features so I look cartoonish. In short, I use the cartoon to freak people out.

Are you really this foolish in real life?

Yes. Yes, I am. Everything I say on my blog, I’d say in person. This makes me both terrible and awesome. Mostly terrible. And couthless.

What does the *WALL SLIDE* mean?

A *wall slide* is what you do when something ridiculous happens, and all you can muster is to paste yourself to the wall, and slide down into a crumple. I created a YouTube video about it.

You’re welcome.

Do you take topic suggestions?

I do. Send them along. You never know what randomness I’ll choose to write about.

Do you accept guest bloggers? Do you guest blog for other sites?

Yes I do have guest bloggers on here periodically, especially when I do “Guest Bloggers Week.” I usually handpick the people who guest blog on here because they’re hilarious and have a fresh angle on topics. However, folks can pitch to guest blog for me. I’ll look over to see if they’re ignificent enough to handle the Awesome.

I do guest blog for other sites. I’ve done over 10 different sites in the past year. If you’d like me to bring my brand of foolery to your eCrib, shoot me an email with specifics (topic, date due) and I’ll see if it’s in my capacity.

Do you do giveaways?

Yes I do giveaways periodically. Companies can contact me, and if I think my readers will be interested in the product, then yes. It can’t be no Baby Bangs or nothing. You’d get a side-eye from me.

Do you do reviews?

I do reviews of TV shows or movies I watch. I’m addicted to Scandal so that is a review I must not miss. But are you talking about books, and stuff? I haven’t done one in the past but I’d consider it. For me to review something here, it’d need to fit into my content. So if it’s not humor-based or something I’d naturally watch, read or talk about, I won’t force it on my readers. Ya dig?

Also, keep in mind that I’m not a music blogger or an A&R so keep those pitches away. Thanks!

Dang! You do a lot. Do you sleep???

No, I don’t sleep. I survive on a steady life diet of extended blinks and cackles. (-___-)