Hot Breaths are not Hot

Ya know… going out in the city can be problematic (especially if you’re a STONE COLD FOX like I am. hehe). Guys never understand that any girl they are trying to talk to has seen that approach at LEAST as many times as Lil Kim has gotten her stomach pumped of that “natural protein”. Newsflash: […]

WaMu got HOSED!

You know I never do 2 posts in a day, but I had to post. My bank WaMu just got acquired by JP Morgan Chase (who I’m convinced is in a plot with Google and Starbucks to take over the world). We’re engaging in rap battles over at VSB, so I wrote a little rap […]

GChatting is Great for Procrastination

I love Ph.D Comics. That cartoon is what I feel about Fridays. The weekend cusp and the emergence of extreme procrastination. Yes, I will write a real post on Monday. In the meantime, enjoy these convos between me and my friends. _______________________________ Luvvie: I don’t know how u kids do it nowadays. Old folks like […]

Things Grown People Should NOT Wear

Now on to the final segment of the series. Things GROWN People should not wear **Grills. The South is the main reason I actually have to list this. I believe that grills are synonymous with the Yuckmouth Syndrome. This refers to my expectations that if you are rocking grills, then your oral hygiene is probably […]

Things Grown Women Should NOT Wear

Ok so I lied. I didn’t return on Friday. But I AM back now! (in my head, there is currently a crowd cheering my return). I’m glad I don’t have the telltale sign of a roadtrip. You know, the beetlejuice striped arms. So to continue the series that started with “Things GROWN men should not […]