Groomed Unibrow? What an Oxymoron

Aight so I was on the public bus minding my own business, as I always… (u know what? I can’t even finish that. I was being my usual nosy self), when foolish ish met me. Some dude got on the bus, with a GROOMED UNIBROW. Now, if that ain’t an oxymoron, then I don’t know […]

Another CRAPPY Awards Show

So tonight was the much-hyped MTV Video Music Awards, and as always, it didn’t live up to it. The hype was so big that anything short of Michael Jackson coming out in the show with a black face would have made it disappointing. However, there was much help from the crappy show logistics, performances, and […]

An Ode to WetSeal

Folks been writing poems lately, and tonight I was spurred to write one of my own. Yes it’s crappy 🙂 *Clears Throat and begins dramatic gestures* An Ode to WetSeal Oh WetSeal, WetSeal Oh how I loved you so Why did you go the other way? You suck now, the reason why I don’t know […]