20 Random Questions

*Al Roker has got to be in my top 5 most ANNOYING ass public figures. I wouldn’t call him a celebrity b/c if I saw that fool on the street, 1)I wouldn’t give a care, or 2) I’d mistake him for a man in a black tortoise costume. He irks my nerves. *I debated Newsfeeds […]

When We Were Young

When we were in H.S. … * Jean fits were ALL the craze * FUBU was a respected brand, and EVERYONE had a jersey with “05” on it * Pluto was a planet * Gas was under $1.50 * You could pay $1.50 for the CTA bus, AND get a transfer * You still had […]

Luvvie’s Rules of Fashion

Aight, so no one died and made me the Queen of Fashion…but write I shall about the rules that I make for myself *It’s my Blog and I can do as I please :-p*. Now… Luvvie’s Rules of Fashion —————————— These rules are some of the basics I live by, and are in no particular […]

America’s Next Top Model? Nahhh

Ever since America’s Next Top Model started, 6 seasons ago, girls all over have been put under some delusional spell. This is a spell that makes them think because they are 5’7 and a half, and less than 130 lbs., they are professional models. And I am here to let them know “NO YOU ARE […]

If I was my hair, I’d be a Nomad

I ALWAYS change my hairstyles, because I get bored easily with them. Freshman and sophomore years of high school, I rocked synthetic braids in a bob style, then I did crochet braids that went past my shoulders, then I did french braids with extentions. Then, my hair broke, and I cut it into a short […]

The Blog that Luvvie Built!

Yooo! I’m Luvvie and I’m a 20-something Chicagoan with a love of all things funny. I’m quite opinionated and I tend to rant about whatever subject irritates me. My stream of consciousness is this blog, just in a more coherent manner. Hope you’re amused by it. I am a contradiction of sorts. I’m a girly […]