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THANK YOU! I Won the Women’s Media Center Social Media Award. Because of YOU.

I started this post last night at 3:57am. I wanted to be asleep but I wasn’t making any efforts to get to sleep. My eyes were burning because it was 3:57am but I wanted to write. Yesterday was one of those days that was BEYOND my wildest dreams. In a …

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10 Things That Happened at the 2011 VMAs

Many things happened during the 3-hour 2011 MTV VMAs. Many things. Very few of them was interesting. Most of the time I was watching it was spent yelling at the TV like “WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!?” I think I knew 49.2% of the people present, which let me know that …

Black Weblog Awards Badge

Two of My Blogs Are Finalists in the Black Weblog Awards!

My people! Guess what??? Two of my blogs are finalists in the 2011 Black Weblog Awards! Not one. But TWO! *does cartwheels* First, is a finalist in the “Best Humor Blog” category for the third year in a row. I won the popular vote in 2009. And then last …

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I’m a Finalist in the Black Weblog Awards!

I woke up yesterday still tah’d from my night of ratchetness with congrats from Twitter folks. Turns out my blog was a finalist in the Black Weblog Awards for “Best Humor Blog!” I proceeded to take off my nightscarf, wave it like a flag over my head and run around …


Mama, I Wanna Win Again!

Hey ALL!! Remember how last year, my blog won the “Best Humor Blog” in the Black Weblog Awards? It was ALL because of YOU, my FANTAWESOME readers! Y’all nominated me and voted. Making me feel all special. Well it’s about that time again and I need your help. My blog …


Another CRAPPY Awards Show

So tonight was the much-hyped MTV Video Music Awards, and as always, it didn’t live up to it. The hype was so big that anything short of Michael Jackson coming out in the show with a black face would have made it disappointing. However, there was much help from the …