Barack Obama

Let’s Talk About the Official Obama Portraits Thumbnail

It is Black History Month Year 2018, and we are being blessed with the drop of Black Panther later on this week. Wakanda, we are coming!!! This morning, the unveiling of the much-anticipated official portraits for President (always my president) Barack Obama and Forever FLOTUS Michelle Obama happened. Each one of them picked a Black [...]

Dear President Barack Obama, So This Love is Just Over? Thumbnail

Because we’re having a rough time with the end of this relationship. I just wanna write him a letter, because he is not. Ain’t nothing worse being the only miserable party, cuz the way my petty is setup, I want us to wallow together. BUT NO. Barack outchea flourishing. Dear President Obama, Honestly, this is [...]

Can We Drunk Text Our Bae, Barack, That We Miss Him? Thumbnail

The New Yorker published an imaginary text conversation between Barack Obama and someone who represents all of us still in our feelings about him leaving the White House. Here’s a snippet: Barack: You knew this would be tough at first. Transitions are never simple. Me: I miss you so bad Me: Things without you really [...]

Black History Painting on Horses

I was minding my own business when one of my dope readers (@BeautyIntheGeek) emailed me talmbout how she went to the African Festival of the Arts in Chicago yesterday. It’s a great annual event and I usually go to load up on shea butter and to watch people rock their best fake kente cloth (from [...]

Dear Donald Trump, You’re a Dusty Degenerate Thumbnail

This week’s sternly-worded letter is truly deserved. If you don’t know why, then either you’ve been hiding under a rock or you’re related to Sarah Palin. Either one is not a good look. Let’s get into it. Dear Donald Trump, When you decided that you might be running for presidency in 2012, I paid no [...]