Solange Beyonce JayZ

Ok. Monday is getting off to an interesting start. TMZ dropped the tea and receipts of how Solange went all Mortal Kombat on Jay-Z in an elevator at the Met Gala as Beyonce watches and her bodyguard Julius intervenes. The video had me like WAYMENT!!! WUT?! I have so many questions. SO MANY! 1. What made Solange [...]

Stages of Twitter Dealing with a Beyonce Event

Beyoncé is the world’s biggest popstar right now and whether you love her or not, it’s hard to argue this fact. Based purely on her numbers and accomplishments and popularity, she is. Every move of hers is clocked and folks act a fool at the sound of her name. Especially the people on Twitter, who [...]

Kanye Drops Mic gif

Beyoncé lip-synched AND sang live at the Inauguration. This isn’t rare when folks have to sing in the cold outside. The bottom line is what we heard came out her mouth. Why are folks tripping? Get your lives. Can we stop talking about this now? Please? Thank you. The end. P.S. I’m not a stan. [...]

Beyonce in Flats

I don’t know about you but seeing the picture of Mama Tina Knowles, Beyonce and baby Blue Ivy made me happy even beyond the adoraboness of the scene. Sasha Fierce is putting on mortal shoes, y’all! Beyonce is rocking FLATS! That day, when I seent Bey in some sensible black flats, I KNEWED THERE WAS [...]

Beyonce Belly Rub

I was on Twitter late last night when news broke that Beyonce finally had the Golden Knowles-Carter baby. Celebs and insiders like Dream Hampton, Rihanna and Russell Simmons tweeted about it and Twitter went NUTS. NUTS, I say. But this is to be expected, seeing as how when Bey rubbed her belly to admit she [...]

Beyonce Belly Rub

Many things happened during the 3-hour 2011 MTV VMAs. Many things. Very few of them was interesting. Most of the time I was watching it was spent yelling at the TV like “WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!?” I think I knew 49.2% of the people present, which let me know that I may be outgrowing MTV. [...]

Beyoncé stan tweet

Unless you’re living under a rock (or Debra Lee’s BET Awards dress), you know that Beyonce’s newest album “4” just came out yesterday. That joint is prolly gon go like 8 times platinum soon because she’s a beast and whatnot. Who runs the world? BEY. Part of the reason that Queen Yawnce runs everything is, [...]