Whitney Movie Lifetime

The much-talked about Whitney Houston movie came on Lifetime yesterday and we all know how their track record with biopics is less than stellar (read: downright a mess). But, I had hope that this would be a good one because Angela Bassett was directing, and Yaya Dacosta as Whitney in pics was semi-convincing (plus I’ve [...]

SELMA is Not Just Brilliant But Right On Time Thumbnail

I was invited to a private screening of the SELMA movie by Paramount Pictures and Ava DuVernay in New York in November and I didn’t just cry during the film. I wept. I ugly-cried like I wasn’t sitting in a room with 40 other people. But everyone else was in tears too so I let it [...]

Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone Blackface

When I first heard about Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone in an unauthorized biopic, I was not pleased. It makes NO sense to me that of every actress of color in Hollywood, Zoe would be the choice to play Nina. Zoe’s cool as an actress and I enjoy her work but nothing about her even [...]