My Life

It’s my BIRFDAY!!!

One score and four years ago, my mother brought forth on this planet, a new daughter, conceived in awesomeness and dedicated to the proposition that she shall be IG beyond means. What this means is… IT’S MY BIRFDAY!!! *pops bottles of Baileys* *does jig* *gets sprayed with money* (you know …


Celebration Playlist

I am loving the positivity that is omnipresent with our new President-Elect Barack Obama. I swear I woke up on November 5th and the world was clearer and sunnier. My allergies miraculously cleared up and my terrible cold seemed to have subsided. Birds were singing, and I think people were …


Celebrate Good Times for Obama!

I was on a couple of days ago, and she put a list up of ways for Black folks to celebrate if Obama wins to keep folks from getting nervous, at least for the first few days. I already broke ALL them rules and it has only been an …


YES, WE DID!!!!!!

“Rosa Parks sat, so Martin could walk. Martin walked, so Obama could run. Obama is running so we can fly!” At 10pm on November 4th, 2008, history was made when Barack Obama became the first ever African American President Elect of the United States. Words cannot express how I feel …