Diddy Met Gala
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Count Diddy Won at the 2017 Met Gala

The Met Gala is the annual meeting of people who Anna Wintour can still stand. It is an assemblage of the most ferocious people in music, media, movies and more. It is a place that we all act like we wouldn’t like to be invited but we’re lying and we too …

Stevie J Diddy
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Diddy is Stevie J and Cassie is Joseline: Love and Hip Hop ATL Alternate Castmembers

Some of you are well aware of my love of the most ratchet show on TV right now Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Well, I got to thinking and it dawned on me that real life can be funnier than semi-fiction that says it’s real life. Especially when you realize …

Shyne Diddy Kanye West in Paris
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Shyne, Kanye and Diddy are the Trifecta of Tacky

I was on Tumblr earlier today when I saw this pic of Kanye West and Diddy walking out of a building in Paris. Kanye: My dude, where’d you get that leather button up, yo? It’s SICK! Diddy: Man, it’s actually 90% polyurethane, 10% lycra.  Kanye: And it’s 100% dope! Diddy: …