Daily Show John Oliver

The Daily Show’s Segment on the Zimmerman Verdict is Why I Love Them

The Daily Show is one of the smartest and funniest shows on TV, and they always prove to be one of the most needed ones too. You’ll get a better take on the news by watching it than CNN any day, in my book. Their news might be “fake” but …

Falling Graduate Diane

Falling is a Habit for this Poor Graduate

There are times when practicality need to take precedence over some forced cuteness. One of those times is if you are going to be graduating and walking across a football field. The video below made me laugh SO hard for so many reasons. Watch. The first fall was like “aw …

Whose is this?

Whose Unicorn Tupac Tattoo is This?

Sometimes, people wanna get inked up and they cannot decide what to get. So they figure why not get five tattoos in one? That had to be what the person with the tat below did. O_________________________________________________o So… unicorn Tupac is busting out of this person’s arm, serving “you see me” …

AwardsFamous folks

About the Time Miguel Dropkicked a Fan at the Billboard Awards

I did not watch the Billboard Awards yesterday because I frankly couldn’t muster any dambs to give about it. I didn’t e’em realize it was coming on til I saw a tweet about it around 4pm. Still. No dambs were given. Anywho, when it wrapped, I started hearing about the …


One Dumbass Man, One Dead Eel, and One Huge Fail (no pics. don’t worry)

Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction. And sometimes, you read some news and wonder how people are so stupid that they get themselves in the strangest situations. I just read a story on Huffington Post about a man in China who stuck a 20-inch live eel up his yansh because …

Famous folksLetterMusic

Dear LL Cool J, ‘Accidental Racist’ is an Accidental Failure

LL Cool J and Brad Paisley set the web ablaze yesterday when they released their new collabo song ‘Accidental Racist.’ The controversy and backlash was well-deserved too. I don’t listen to Brad’s music, and hell, I haven’t listened to LL’s for YEARS either. But I need to have some words with …

Drunk Uncle
Whose is this?

Whose Drunk Uncle is This?

We all have black sheep in our family. Some of the folks we don’t like to claim might one day end up on TV for all the wrong reasons. Like this dude: LMAO!!! This dude was so damb drunk that he couldn’t e’em hold his own head up to take …

Whose is this?

Whose Struggle Braids are These?

Ya know, I want us all to understand our realities. I need us to look in the mirror and see ourselves for who we are. Or at least know what’s sitting on our heads. That is my wish for 2013. That we all embrace ourselves, know our limits and get …

doh homer
My Life

Why My Site Was in Internet Purgatory for the Last 24 Hours

Lemme tell y’all what happened. These past couple of months, I’ve been breaking my own traffic records. In fact, since July, my site traffic has doubled. I’ve been getting ALLA THE PAGEVIEWS! And I realized that I needed to upgrade my hosting account. I got the BRIGHT (read: really dumb) …

Social Media

Instagram’s New Terms of Service is a FAIL

I joined Instagram September of 2011 just so I could hold down the Luvvie username. Between then and July 2012, I had uploaded just 2 pictures, and one of them was of my socks in the “rise” filter. And then July happened and I went to LA and decided to start Instagramming more so …