Horny Grandma

All Great Granny Wants for Her 100th Birthday is Her Thirst Quenched

One great grandmother turned 100 recently, and her local news station wanted to interview her on what it’s like to hit that century mark. Because it’s no small feat. Well, it didn’t go as anyone expected. Watch the NSFW video below: I. DON. DIE. The fact that the first thing …

Granny Booty Toot

Whose Granny is This? She Went to Magic Photo To Slay

So. Old people. You know I love them, right? It’s mostly for their lack of damb giving about anything. They do what they want and that’s that. Well, below is an example of one geriatric I can’t get behind ALL the way. Miss. Mademoiselle. Ma’am. What is this? Magic photo just …