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After last week’s episode of Game of Thrones (The Mountain and the Viper) that left me in hysterics, I was petrified to see what this week’s would offer. The penultimate episodes of the past 3 seasons have left us in shambles so I was bracing myself for the worst. Let’s talk about it. SPOILER ALERT, [...]

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Look and listen. 1 hour. It took me ONE WHOLE HOUR to get any semblance of my bearings back after watching this episode of Game of Thrones. I seriously didn’t know what to do with myself after it ended. This show is gonna be the reason I need high blood pressure medication. Let’s just get [...]

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Now that you all know I’m officially obsessed with Game of Thrones, recaps will start from this point forward since enough of you asked. Let’s jump into the medieval fray and chat afterwards in the comments section. Oh and of course there are mad spoilers here so if you haven’t watched this episode, turn back [...]


Folks have been telling me to watch HBO’s Game of Thrones for the longest but I kept putting it off because I knew I’d want to watch it all in an epic marathon and I needed the time. The show is in the middle of its 4th season right now and there’s 10 episodes per [...]

The Wire

No, this post wasn’t written in 2003. I’m just tardy for the party as always. For a long time, folks have been telling me about the greatness that is The Wire. A slew of my favorite nerdy Black boys have even called it “the greatest TV show ever” unabashedly. Even the President of the United [...]