Four Seasons of Angst and Linen

So y’all know me and Kindred love a good roast. A coupla weeks ago, we were in the mood to listen to some douchebaggery music (note: we call ultra sappy songs douchebag music because you can just picture some douche on YouTube playing it on an acoustic guitar. We LOVE …

chantal biya madame cameroon

Madame Cameroon’s Lethal Side-Eye

This picture really is my everything. I have officially found myself a new role model. She is Chantal Biya, the First Lady of Cameroon. Me and one of my besties, Kindred had roast tourette’s from looking at this pic. Luvvie: What do I say to that??? Where do I begin, …

My Life

Foolish Chats with my Foolish Friends

My friends and I are some IGNANT mofos who don’t have brain filters, so we usually say what we think. It gets even worse when we get on GChat or AIM Luvvie: Ok this is random but TELL me why this boy I went to middle school with just passed …