I’m “I Had a Xanga Blog” Social Media Years Old Thumbnail

Sometimes it’s fun to reminisce about the good ol’ days of social media and being online. You know? Before we realized the people who created it are basically Voldemort, planning world domination with our data. Young folks today don’t even know how much things have changed in such a short amount of time. I joined [...]


Social media keeps showing us that some of our favorite celebrities should really make use of their publicists 24/7 for all things. Also, they need to hire community managers to handle their accounts because when left to their own devices, they blow shit up so properly and so quickly. Madonna is the latest victim of [...]


Last night, Kim Kardashian posted a picture on Instagram that made folks (men, women, sheep and goat) say GGGAAAHHHHTTTTDDDAAAMMMBBB!!! She’s rocking a onesie with a wedgie and giving us a backshot (HA!) in the pose we all did in 6th grade in that “BFFs FOREVER” group picture we took at Magic Photos. Just look at it: [...]

Neyo Instagram Breakup

Celebrities complain about how they have no privacy because paparazzi, TMZ and everyone wants to know about their lives constantly. Some of them do have a right to whine, but others know damb well they enjoy the attention, especially when THEY bring it to themselves. Yesterday, Ne-Yo the slack-jawed yokel (whose music I DO enjoy) [...]


I joined Instagram September of 2011 just so I could hold down the Luvvie username. Between then and July 2012, I had uploaded just 2 pictures, and one of them was of my socks in the “rise” filter. And then July happened and I went to LA and decided to start Instagramming more so I logged on and saw [...]

Instagram That Hoe Rick Ross Fat Joe

Not-so Fat Joe just released a lyrically-remedial track featuring Rick Ross and Juicy J called “Instagram That Hoe.” and I’m here to tell him to refrain from such a thing and I have a plethora of reasons. 0.5. You start the song talmbout “all my bad bitches report to Instagram right now!” Welp, there goes [...]