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About Owning Your Ideas and Giving Them Permanence Away from Social Media

Ownership is wealth, and I want us to own our work, in all forms. To do that, we need to take them out of free platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So here’s my latest rant. If you cannot view it below, check out About Owning Your Ideas and Giving …

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Dear WHUR and Richard Montgomery, Stop Stealing Content From Me and Others

Last week, I wrote about the Fire and Fainting Challenge that is all the rave with some of the teens of America now for my column at The Grio. I posted my week’s writing recap here and this morning, someone commented telling me they searched for the fainting game on …

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Writing I’ve Done Elsewhere This Week: Virginia Dude Claims Land in Africa, Protect Your Ideas, Racist Casting Call

Hey folks! My weekly roundup of where else I’ve written every week. I’m a columnist for TheGrio, where I have a section called “Luvvie’s Lane” to talk about race, culture, politics and other things. I also have my tech blog Awesomely Techie where I talk about technology, tools, resources and general geekery. So …

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How to Protect Your Blog Content: Know Your Rights

You’ve done all this work. You’ve spent hours trying to make the words perfect and the paragraphs flow. You’ve done research to make sure what you’re saying is accurate. And you create an EPIC post that makes the internet go wild. You do all types of cabbage patches and fist …