Don’t Come for Cher on DACA. You Might Get Ethered Thumbnail

Cheeto Satan and his administration sunk to new lows of cruelty this week when it was announced that DACA (Defered Action for Childhood Arrivals) was being rescinded. This leaves around 800,000 people vulnerable and uncertain of their future in this country. As an immigrant, I stand with other immigrants. DREAMers should not be sent to [...]

ThumbsUp Trumpledick and Disaster Barbie to the Hurricane Harvey Rescue! Thumbnail

With Hurricane Harvey wreaking havoc in Texas, the people of Houston and Beaumont have been in our thoughts and prayers. Even during such a serious time, Cheeto Satan and company couldn’t help but embarrass themselves and act the complete OPPOSITE of how a president and first lady should behave. On their way to Texas yesterday, [...]

Whose Expensive Ass Oregon Trail Frock is This? Thumbnail

When it comes to fashion, people stay doing the most with the absolute least. I stumbled across a photo of this dress being sold online and I have questions. There is such a thing as “too much fashion.” This is on the other end of the spectrum: not enough. It’s called the “Sequoia Dress Weathercloth” [...]

Steve Bannon’s Face is the Physical Embodiment of Soul Rot Thumbnail

Lemme start by saying HELL YES I will body and face shame every single member of the Cheeto Satan inner circle without guilt. None of them know how to act (remember Kellyanne Conway putting her feet on the couch). They go low and I go gutter. Anywho, one of the closest minions is Steve Bannon, [...]

Scaramucci Got Fired from The White House, Which is Now a Temp Agency Thumbnail

It’s like the real-life Celebrity Apprentice in Washington, DC right now and it is just a clusterfuck over there. The Cheeto Satan White House got more turnover than a waffle maker. The latest casualty in Mango Mussolini’s administration is Anthony Scaramucci, who only lasted 10 DAYS before he got the ax. I’ve played Monopoly games that [...]

iMac Pro

Listen. I’m a fan of Apple products and I have given them A LOT of money over the years. Yesterday was Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) and they announced a new slate of products. You know I was ready to see them offer the same products as last year at slightly higher price. What [...]

Rompers for Men: I’m Here For Thigh Meats Season! Thumbnail

The talk about rompers for men has taken over social media. It started when some Chicago folks launched a Kickstarter for something called the RompHim, which is basically mid-thigh rompers for men. It’s just in time to kick off the summer. Well, that Kickstarter has raised over $219,000 in 4 days as men flock to [...]

Trumpcare Republicans

Last week, the hapless hoodlums who make up the House Republicans voted to pass the American Healthcare Act (AHCA) aka Trumpcare. If you have a pre-existing condition, insurance companies are not required to cover you, and if they cover you, they can charge you thousands of dollars for simple treatments. Most Americans will not be [...]

Serena Williams is All Of Us. If We Got Superpowers. Thumbnail

You know what I don’t have time for? Serena Williams and her perpetual showing that some of us are just mere mortals while she’s a citizen of Mount Olympus. Actually, lemme quit lying. I GOT ALL THE TIME FOR IT. That woman is extraordinary. Sheesh. Yesterday, we found out that she’s 20 weeks pregnant when [...]

Whose Sneaker Heel Mules Are These? Thumbnail

In case you ever dreamed of owning sneaker heel mules that don’t make any sense, there are now some Pumas that will make your dream come true. I present to you, the most confusing shoes I’ve seen in at least a year. #WhyItHappenFathaGawd #BurnEmBoaz #EndThemEmmanuel. Anywho, I posted them on my Awesomely Luvvie facebook page and my [...]