Nicki Minaj

Because We Have To Talk About Safaree’s Latest *cough* Release Thumbnail

IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, SKIP THIS POST BECAUSE IT IS FILTH. IT’S FOR GROWN FOLKS ONLY. There is a BIG topic floating around the internet today. It has GINORMOUS interest. The MAGNITUDE must be acknowledged. So Safaree… 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 Sometimes, I am moved to write poetry [...]

Nicki Minaj Miley Whats Good

I did not watch the MTV VMAs last night, because I was out enjoying my last weekend in Chicago until October. BUT, you know I had to catch up with the highlight, which was Nicki Minaj getting on stage and calling out Miley Cyrus. What had happened was, a few weeks ago, Nicki Minaj and [...]

The 2015 BET Awards Did My Youngold Heart Some Good Thumbnail

On a scale of the Oscars to I Don’t Even Mind That Much That This Show is Longer Than Some Marriages, the 2015 BET Awards was an 8. I looked at my recaps of past years’ BET Awards and I saw that I’ve actually really enjoyed most of them. It is time for me to [...]

Nicki Minaj blink gif

Y’all know Nicki Minaj’s music tapdances on my last nerves and she dresses like a highlighter factory blew up. But she’s the most popular female rapper out there so she’s everywhere and I just have to deal. And avoid listening to her tunes. Or staring at her pictures for too long. But lately, I’m feeling [...]

Foxy Brown Nicki Minaj

I was minding my own business when someone sent me this pic and I just wanted to fight somebody. But I don’t understand. What is Foxy Brown’s #alphet about and what made her go on stage looking like this? Upon viewing this picture, I asked Jesus to take the wheel and He said “NAWL, my [...]

Nicki Minaj 2012 Grammys Red Carpet

I’ve never been a Nicki Minaj fan. Ever since her rise to popularity, I’ve found her annoying at best and downright aggravating most of the time. I think she does the absolute most constantly with the least, and I do my best to stay clear of her music. I can proudly say that only line [...]

Beyonce Belly Rub

Many things happened during the 3-hour 2011 MTV VMAs. Many things. Very few of them was interesting. Most of the time I was watching it was spent yelling at the TV like “WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!?” I think I knew 49.2% of the people present, which let me know that I may be outgrowing MTV. [...]