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Watch the First Episode of My Show, Rants and Randomness!

Beautiful people! Guess what? I started a Facebook show as part of their Watch vertical, called Rants and Randomness. Once a week, I’ll be getting on Facebook Live to cover all things pop culture and relevant to our lives (including randomness). As the Side-Eye Sorceress, I’m uniquely positioned for this. There …

hi hater

Jesus Had Haters. You Have Side-eye Givers

You know who annoys the heck outta me? People who always talk about how they got haters. REGLASS people too. If I come across one more Facebook status talmbout “Haters are mad right now. They see me up there.” What haters? Up where? Who are you? Why are you on …


Africa is Geography’s DMX

The other night, after watching the 10pm news on ABC, “Nightline” came on. I’m not a fan of that show, so I typically don’t watch it. Due to the fact that the remote control wasn’t within arm’s reach of me, and my sheer laziness, I sat there and watched “Nightline” …