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Beautiful people! Guess what? I started a Facebook show as part of their Watch vertical, called Rants and Randomness. Once a week, I’ll be getting on Facebook Live to cover all things pop culture and relevant to our lives (including randomness). As the Side-Eye Sorceress, I’m uniquely positioned for this. There will be judgment, but lovingly. [...]

hi hater

You know who annoys the heck outta me? People who always talk about how they got haters. REGLASS people too. If I come across one more Facebook status talmbout “Haters are mad right now. They see me up there.” What haters? Up where? Who are you? Why are you on my friends’ list? If your [...]

Africa is Geography’s DMX Thumbnail

The other night, after watching the 10pm news on ABC, “Nightline” came on. I’m not a fan of that show, so I typically don’t watch it. Due to the fact that the remote control wasn’t within arm’s reach of me, and my sheer laziness, I sat there and watched “Nightline” come on. The topic was [...]

*Al Roker has got to be in my top 5 most ANNOYING ass public figures. I wouldn’t call him a celebrity b/c if I saw that fool on the street, 1)I wouldn’t give a care, or 2) I’d mistake him for a man in a black tortoise costume. He irks my nerves. *I debated Newsfeeds [...]

Aight, so no one died and made me the Queen of Fashion…but write I shall about the rules that I make for myself *It’s my Blog and I can do as I please :-p*. Now… Luvvie’s Rules of Fashion —————————— These rules are some of the basics I live by, and are in no particular [...]

Ever since America’s Next Top Model started, 6 seasons ago, girls all over have been put under some delusional spell. This is a spell that makes them think because they are 5’7 and a half, and less than 130 lbs., they are professional models. And I am here to let them know “NO YOU ARE [...]