Glennon Doyle on Rants & Randomness

Become the Right Thing (with Glennon Doyle) – Episode 9 of Rants and Randomness

My peoples! Excited to bring you episode 9 of Rants and Randomness! On this episode, I’m feeling good about Stacey Abrams’ primary win for Governor in Georgia. I rant about giving a hard pass to voice-activated speakers like Google Home and Amazon Alexa and I show love to Jada Pinkett-Smith’s …


Honor Honesty (With Jussie Smollett) – Episode 8 of Rants and Randomness

My peoples! Excited to bring you episode 8 of Rants and Randomness. On this episode, I’m talking about how the #BBQBecky memes have blessed my whole soul. Also, I’ve finally created that Afrobeats playlist y’all have been asking about. Anddd I’ve been reading your dope reviews of the podcast on …


Rise to the Occasion (with Franchesca Ramsey) – Episode 7 of Rants and Randomness

My peoples! Episode 7 of my podcast, Rants and Randomness, is here! I gets some things off my chest about Kanye West and his fake ass free thinking, and I have a lot to say about the new This is America video by Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino. I  interview my girl, …

Necole Kane on Rants and Randomness

Live Your Best Life (with Necole Kane) – Episode 6 of Rants and Randomness

Hey y’all! We’re six episodes into Rants & Randomness and I’m excited that so many of you are listening and loving it! In fact, Rants & Randomness is a featured podcast on Spotify. So dope! Thanks to everyone who’s been tuning in so far. This episode, I’m talking about how …


Rooted in Authenticity (with Abiola Oke) – Episode 5 of Rants and Randomness

I can’t believe I’ve already done five episodes of Rants and Randomness! There have been over 100,000 downloads of this podcast already. And the love y’all have been giving it has made my heart well! In Episode 5, I am interviewing my boy Abiola Oke, CEO of OkayAfrica. It’s a …


Not Even Me Can Stop Me (with Jenifer Lewis) – Episode 4 of Rants and Randomness

YOOOO!!! Episode 4 of Rants and Randomness is here and I could not be more excited! You are not going to want to miss out on this episode, because my guest is the legendary, iconic, incomparable Jenifer Lewis! But before I get my life from talking with Ms. Lewis, I start …


Opening Closed Doors (with Vanessa K. De Luca) – Episode 3 of Rants and Randomness

Hey y’all! We’re back with Episode 3 of Rants & Randomness called “Opening Closed Doors.” It features a can’t-miss interview with Vanessa K. De Luca, Editor-in-chief of ESSENCE Magazine! This week’s episode kicks off with the story of Parker Curry, the little girl who was captured on camera admiring Michelle Obama‘s official …


Eat or Be Eaten (with Myleik Teele) – Episode 2 of Rants and Randomness

My people! Episode 2 of my podcast Rants and Randomness is out now! It’s called “Eat or Be Eaten” and features special guest Myleik Teele, CEO of CurlBox. But before I get into my conversation with Myleik, I start off this week’s episode with a story about a magical moment I recently …

RandR Ep 1 - Eunique Jones Gibson

Real Gs Move in Silence Like Wakanda (with Eunique Jones Gibson) – Episode 1 of Rants and Randomness

My people! You know I’m always doing all the things! My latest thing is here, and it is long overdue! I AM SO EXCITED to announce the launch of my podcast: Rants and Randomness! But lemme take it back a little bit. I used to have a podcast a few years …

Darth Becky Episode 5 Rants and Randomness

Watch Episode 5 of My Show, Rants and Randomness!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, you know there is A LOT to rant about this week. On this episode of Rants and Randomness, I cover how Black women are out here saving the world, per usual, and White women are out here hustling …